My wordpress admin login page is disabled!

Some times when you try to visit your wordpress admin login page( or, you may see "Brute forcing detected.. Wordpress admin page access auto disabled for next 30 minutes" message.

It is an additional automatic layer of security implemented by us on our servers to prevent recent outbreak of mass wordpress brute force( admin password guessing ) attacks by hackers.

The tool is designed to allow 10 login attempts in 10 minutes of time. If you or the automated bruteforcing bots by hackers have used 10 login attempts, the tool will disable wordpress admin page for next 30 minutes to avoid server overload.

If you see the blocked message the first time itself, it only means that, an automated bot has already tried logging in to admin area more than 10 times in last 30 minutes.


If your wordpress admin login page is disabled, you can enable it only for yourself easily.

To allow yourself into wordpress login page.. Please visit to unblock your ip and then visit your wordpress admin login page.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

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